Mastery Skills

These are skills that have proficiency, from 0 to 1,000 points. They rank up with continuous training. Generally speaking, mastering a single skill would take about two months. While you can have an unlimited number of skills, the more skills you work with, the less proficient you will be overall due to the time investment for each one.

  • Item Appraisal - See the properties of an unknown item.
  • Price Negotiation - Buy items cheaper, and sell them for more. Only works with NPCs.
  • Weapon Forging - Create weapons with metal components. Can be used to make all standard weapons, and some Specialty weapons if applicable.
  • Metal Armor Forging - Create Light Metal and Heavy Metal armor.
  • Wood Crafting - Create items with wood components.
  • Lock Picking - Open locked chests and doors.
  • Searching - Detect monsters and players visually, as well as targets in Hiding if your skill is high enough. Also improves the user's night vision. With higher proficiency, the user can track footprints if the user has seen the target within the past five minutes, or if the player is on the user's friends list.
  • Hiding - Conceal your presence visually. Can be detected by monsters or players with higher Searching. Does not protect against Listening.
  • Listening - Listen closely to your surroundings. Higher proficiency allows players to listen through doors.
  • Acrobatics - Boosts the player's jump height and aerial maneuverability.
  • Sprint - Allows the user to run faster than normal in bursts, and increases the user's overall movement speed.

  • Weapon Mastery - Proficiency with a particular weapon type, as listed below. Each weapon type requires its own Weapon Mastery to be trained.
    • Dagger
    • Straight Sword
    • Curved Sword
    • Rapier
    • Axe
    • Mace
    • Spear
    • Specialty
  • Dual Wielding - Wield two weapons of the same type at once.
  • Holy Sword - Nullifies the movement delay from attacking or defending. Can only be used with a shield equipped.
  • Throwing Weapons - Proficiency with any projectile-based weapons.
  • Martial Arts - Proficiency in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Armor Mastery - Proficiency with a particular armor type, listed below. Each armor type requires its own Armor Mastery to be trained.
    • Sewn
    • Light Metal
    • Heavy Metal
  • Parrying - Reduce the amount of damage you take when blocking an attack with your weapon.
  • Howl - Direct a monster's attention toward yourself to aid in tanking.
  • Battle Healing - Recover small amounts of HP over time without needing to rest.
  • Meditation - Recover HP faster and reduce the length of status ailments when resting.

  • Fishing - Catch aquatic lifeforms.
  • Cooking - Prepare ingredients and cook them.
  • Musical Instrument - Play an instrument. There are far too many to list, but each type of instrument has its own mastery.
  • Sewing - Weave materials to create clothes and Sewn Armor.

Sword Skills

These are skills that are based on your current weapon. They do not have proficiency, so they do not rank up. Their proficiency is based on their Weapon Mastery skill. You have access to all of these skills when wielding the proper weapon type.


  • Parallel [2 Hits] - Slice the enemy from left to right.
  • Rapid Bite [3 Hits] - Deliver three quick stabs.

Straight Swords

  • Slant [1 Hit] - A diagonal slash.
  • Horizontal [1 Hit] - A sideways slash.
  • Vertical [1 Hit] - A downward strike.
  • Vertical Arc [2 Hits] - Trace the shape of a 'V'.

Curved Swords

  • Reaver [1 Hit] - Charge toward the target and thrust your sword with a forward jump.
  • Radial [2 Hit] - Stab the target, then tear your blade out through the side.


  • Whirlwind [1 Hit] - Swing your axe 270 degrees, or 3/4th of a circle, in a bottom-to-top diagonal motion. Delivers a heavy impact.
  • Cusp [2 Hits] - Slash horizontally, then diagonally, tracing the shape of a '7'.


  • Point [1 Hit] - Strike the center of the target. Has a heavy impact.
  • Fierce Bash [2 Hit] - Charge forward and smash the target, causing knock back, and then quickly close the distance to deliver a second strike.


  • Linear [1 Hit] - Stab with a twisting motion. Can be used rapidly in succession.
  • Precision [3 Hits] - Quickly strike the target three times in the same spot.


  • Crescent [1 Hit] - Perform a curved slash, pointing upward.
  • Twin Rays [2 Hits] - Fully extend your reach to strike an upper and lower part of your target.


  • Currently none.

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