Floor 1

  • Focus and Foliage - An old sword master in Lanzem Woods is searching for someone of remarkable skill. Split 100 leaves falling from a tree with your weapon in succession, without missing. Rewards the player with a Leaf Slasher.
  • To Hell in a Handbasket - A little girl in a red cloak is going to visit her grandmother through a dangerous forest. Protect her from Ravenous Wolves so that she reaches her destination safely. Rewards the player with the Woodsman's Hatchet.
  • Aspiration - A young girl in Lanzem wants to be a great sword fighter someday, but she cannot wield a real weapon yet. Obtain an Ebony Log from Territorial Oaks for her father to make a suitable practice sword. Rewards the player with Soaring Spirit.
  • Honored Honesty - A man is accused of murder outside of Starting City and put in prison, but swears he is not the killer. Find the Sinister Spirit lurking outside town and defeat it. Rewards the player with a Chivalrous Lance.
  • United We Stand - Those seeking recognition in the form of a guild require a show of promise. Speak with an NPC in the Black Iron Palace in Starting City, and then travel to the Mountains of Resolve to meet another NPC and receive a Pledge of Allegiance. Rewards the player with the ability to make a guild.

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