Passive monsters will not strike until engaged. Aggressive monsters will attack on sight.

Floor 1

  • Frenzy Boar - A tusked swine with dark blue fur. [Level 1 / Passive]
  • Dire Wolf - A vicious canine with bright red eyes. [Level 1 / Aggressive]
  • Thrasher Hare - A somewhat large, white rabbit that delivers quick kicks and punches. [Level 1 / Passive]
  • Soil Puppet - A roughly human shaped golem composed of grass and dirt, with a glyph on its chest to magically give it 'life'. [Level 2 / Aggressive]
  • Willful Ram - A goat of varying, natural colors that is often found around bridges, making sure that no squatters give others trouble. [Level 2 / Passive]
  • Withering Treant - An aged, bipedal tree creature that is slowly being devoured by disease. Found in the Corrupted Meadow and potentially drops Pure Lilies. [Level 3 / Passive]
  • Little Nepent - Despite its name, this is a tall, mobile, white plant monster has two long vines, and a large mouth with sharp teeth. Ones that bear fruit attract other Little Nepents to swarm their attackers when assaulted. Sometimes, one bearing a flower will appear, which drops Little Nepent's Ovule. Found in the forest near Horunka. [Level 3 / Passive]
  • Ravenous Wolf - What a big mouth it has! This dark canine often lurks amongst trees waiting for unsuspecting prey. [Level 3 / Aggressive]
  • Thesaurus - A human-sized, bipedal reptile with short arms that doesn't go by any other name. Potentially drops an Old Lexicon. [Level 3 / Aggressive]
  • Territorial Oak - A flexible, friendly looking tree that walks on its roots, but packs a mighty wallop with its trunk. Potentially drops an Ebony Log. [Level 4 / Aggressive]
  • Sinister Spirit - A phantom that haunts roadways and attacks passersby. Only spawns for players that are on the Honored Honesty quest. [Level 4 / Aggressive]

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