Floor 1

  • Starting City - The point where players first enter the game. It is the largest location in all of Aincrad, surrounded by a circular wall with the Black Iron Palace situated in the middle. Housed within the palace is the Chamber of Resurrection, where all players revive upon being defeated. Honored Honesty and Unintellectual Pursuitscan be started here.
  • Tolbana - The second largest city on Floor 1, which is more typical of a fantasy village, and is rather scenic. Witherless Affection can be started here.
  • Horunka - A small settlement that is a short ways northwest of Starting City, surrounded by a thick forest. The Secret Medicine of the Forest quest can be started here.
  • Corrupted Meadow - A part of the plains that was cursed long ago, where life can barely thrive.
  • Mountains of Resolve - A tough, rugged area skimming the edge of the first floor, that serves as a test of one's devotion to their cause.

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