General Items

  • Strategy Guide - A small book that offers advice on general aspects of Aincrad, such as how Mastery Skills and Sword Skills work or how to acquire Col, as well as highly detailed information about Floor 1.
  • Potion - A specialized mixture that gives curative effects. Potions can safely be kept outside the inventory menu without risk of breaking, for quick and easy access. Potions have a cooldown to prevent spamming.
    • Basic Health Potion - Immediately restores 10% of the user's HP, and recovers 20% over the course of 1 minute as a regen effect. [Sold in shops / Dropped by monsters]
    • Basic Ailment Potion - Stalls the effect of the most severe status ailment currently inflicted for 30 seconds, and prevents the ailment from being inflicted again during that time. [Sold in shops / Dropped by monsters]
  • Crystal - Magical items that give instantaneous effects without a cooldown, but are very expensive, and cannot be safely kept outside the inventory due to them being fragile. They cannot be used inside anti-crystal fields.
    • Health Crystal - Immediately restores 100% of the user's HP. [Sold in shops]
    • Antidote Crystal - Removes all current status ailments. [Sold in shops]
    • Teleport Crystal - Transports the user to any town they have visited within the floor they are currently on. [Sold in shops]
  • Throwing Picks - Small, metal points that can be thrown and embedded in a target. Continues to cause damage over time as long as they are not removed. [Sold in shops]

Quest Items

  • Pledge of Allegiance - A crest that signifies the holder as being dedicated to their cause, and to those who follow them. Used in United We Stand.

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