Armor counts as a singular items, even if it is composed of multiple pieces. Regular clothes can be worn underneath most pieces of armor.


Sewn Armor provides the least protection, but allows for faster movement.

  • Common Clothes - The clothes that every player automatically start with, sporting colors of the player's choosing. Consists of a shirt, pants, boots, and gloves. [Level 1 / Sold in shops]
  • Leather vest - A cheap piece of armor that every player automatically starts with. [Level 1 / Sold in shops]

Light Metal

Light Metal Armor is the middle ground for defense and speed.

  • Soldier Mail - A chest piece worn by common guards. [Level 2 / Sold in shops]

Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal Armor gives unparalleled protection, but greatly hinders speed.

  • Solid Plate Armor - A complete set of gear, featuring gauntlets, a torso plate, greaves, and open-faced helmet. [Level 4 / Sold in shops]


Cloaks are worn over armor and/or clothes, including capes, coats, shawls, etc.

  • Traveling Poncho - A large piece of cloth to help keep your clothes from getting dirty, and to stay warm. [Level 2 / Sold in shops]


  • Wrist Guard - A small shield that clips to the wrist so that the user doesn't drop it easily. [Level 1 / Sold in shops]


  • Currently none.

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